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We take immense pride in our Ukrainian and Middle Eastern heritage, upholding the cherished traditions and warm hospitality of our family. Many of our recipes still evoke the same nostalgic flavours from our childhood, ensuring an authentic and unforgettable dining experience.
  1. Back in Ukraine

    01/06/1994 - Year we just finished our study of Hospitality and Economic college and begin our professional journey . We worked in the best restaurants and hotels in our hometown Dnipro expanding our experience with new knowledge .

  2. Moving to Israel

    30/07/1998 - We made immigration to Israel. It was different world that we loved from the firs steps, so many different cuisine broth with immigrants from different part of the world, smells and taste of Middle Eastern markets, hospitality of people all this greatly influenced on our style of cooking and baking.

  3. early beggining

    18/05/2015 - During the time leaving and working in Israel we created our professional style based on the European discipline and Middle Eastern warm hospitality and passion to fresh local ingredients. After received offer to try ourselves in the different part of the world, with two young children we arrived to Australian shore.

  4. Arriving to Australia

    01/10/2021 - From the moment we set foot in Australia, we were captivated by its people, breath-taking nature, and, of course, the warm hospitality industry. After gaining experience in top restaurants and bakeries, we have now fulfilled our dream by launching Manna Cuisine, our very own catering business.

Hi Artur, We cannot thank you and your team enough for the most incredible, delicious, beautifully presented food and dessert bar - and as for that wedding cake and a tiramisu, voted the best ever by all the guests - thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What an incredible wedding - we couldn't have wished for anything better. Please thank your wife and your team for making the night so special for Adam & Tamar and for all of us. So so appreciated! All the best Kevin & Bev.
Kevin & Bev
Hi Artur, A huge thank you for last night, we have had only rave reviews and comments on how amazing the food was last night. It was a feast to the eyes and stomach and we are so appreciative for all that you contributed to our simcha, it was all we could have asked for. It has been such a pleasure to work with you and we wish you only success moving forward. We also look forward to hopefully working with you again for our next simcha in a few years time. Warmest regards,
Hi Yulia, Thank you so much!! The cake was beautiful and absolutely delicious😍 Really everyone had so much fun and commented on how beautiful the cake was, thank you very much for organising and making it so gorgeous! G-d Bless you with much success and happiness🙏😍
OMG Yulia that fudge is insane!!! Thank you so mutch for the box goodies
Michelle Kasimov
Hello Artur, I can't thank you enough for the most magnificent dinner ever. I want go back and have you cater all the big powerful dinners we did in the past. Last night was one of the best meals I've ever eaten. Better then 3star Michelin....
Ann and Bill. Annandale Galleries.
Honestly the best pavlova cake we ever had in our lives.Beautifly decorated with the highest standart! Perfect for any occasion.Highly recommended!
Yulia, your cakes are truly delicious!  It was our first time trying your lemon meringue and wow it was so good! Your Russian honey cake is also amazing - my in laws who have never had it before were blown away. There was no better way to celebrate my birthday than with your delicious cakes!